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Collapse (A Story of Obsession) - Qwerty007

Simon liked to disappear. One day that changes when he meets Annabelle, for he sees everything he ever wanted to be in her. However, soon his 'crush' turns into something much more: something dangerous. Rating: T

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The Ultimate Storylist was given life on March 18th 2005 under another identity. We have grown progressively, and revamp after revamp we've finally created a defined and unique website we are proud to call 'home sweet home'.

We're jampacked with high quality stories - posted online by young adults, as well as book reviews of the most unforgettable, and newest, books out there!

Please check out our website, as well as the message board!


News & Updates

September 28th, 2008
We're having a Harry Potter Ficmas here at the UltimateStorylist! Yes, we know it's just September but here's the skinny. This Christmas, we're sponsoring a Harry Potter Fanfiction Fic Exchange! If you've never participated in a fic exchange before, here's the short version of how it works. You submit a request for a story you'd like written just for you. After the deadline for requests ends, everyone who submitted a request picks two or three requests (which will be anonymous) that they would be interested in filling. After everyone picks their favorites, the staff will arrange the request assignments. Then, you write the request you are assigned. After they've all been written and turned in, they'll be posted anonymously and everyone will vote for their favorites. December 26th, we'll post the winners and who filled each request. It's going to be loads of fun, and we invite everybody to join in! There's more information on the site!

Ficmas Info

Request Form


September 18th, 2008
The winning entries for the August 2008 Ultimate Contest have been added to the site. You can find them by clicking the "Contests" button on the navigation bar to the right. The September 2008 Ultimate Contest closes to entries in just a few days. If you're interested in entering, you can find details about it here.
Good luck!

September 16th, 2008
Check out our "Your say" feature here! A reminder for all of you aspiring writers:
If you want your opinions heard, or if you want your editorial published on our homepage, send it through Personal Message to either xiahzeuni or youaremysunshine!
This month's topic is on Trendy Beauty.

September 15th, 2008
Just a quick update on the new things for this month. It's been rather busy between the changes to the website and school starting and whatnot, so we apologize for the delayed update.
In case you didn't know yet, September's Newsletter has been published. In that, we highlighted our promotion and this month's MOTM. It's definitely something you should check out.
Just make sure you check out all of the new stuff going on, and look out for new things in the future!

18th August 2008
We have yet another new interview with a published author! Ronan O'Brien has kindly agreed to an interview, please check it out!

15th August 2008
We have a new interview with a published author! Joanna Nadin has kindly agreed to an interview, please check it out!

14th August 2008
You will notice that our book reviews have changed! You can now click on the links and buy the books direct! Please use our links only as it gives us a small percentage so that we can afford to pay for the website and advertisements!
Thank you for helping the Ultimate Storylist :)

13th August 2008
Good morning! Yet another update! We have a book review called Poison by Chris Wooding which was written by dancesandsways and we also have an audio book review called History of the World in Ten and a Half Chapters by Julian Barnes which was written by siriuswriter. A big thank you for both of these contributions! Keep them coming in!
Remember to get your entries in for the Ultimate Contest before the 24th August, and if you want the chance to be promoted for the Story Collections, get your story collections posted up in the Scribbler Collection now!

3rd August 2008
Bit late, I know, but the Ultimate Contest winners are now viewable on the website, check the navigation!
Also, just a reminder, for all the book reviews we have on the website you can add your very own comment by using the form at the bottom of the page! We hope users will start using them!
If you have any suggestions, questions or suggestions for book reviews (please contribute if you can, but we'll accept suggestions) please e-mail me at administrator[at]

2nd August 2008
Congrats to youaremysunshine, our admin, who more than deserves to be MOTM. Also check out our August newsletter.

1st August 2008
Can you guess what the surprise is yet?! Well, tanglemoondemon kindly created a new layout and forum skin for us! Thank you so much!

We also have introduced the new Story Collections boards, it is a new ranking system for the writers on the forum and a new way of advertising your stories! Please click here for more information, we hope a lot of users will get involved!

It's been a mad house in the staff room, so a huge thanks to the staff for keeping everything running smoothly and for making The Ultimate Storylist better than ever!

31st July 2008
A handful of book reviews have been added, so to make life easier, I'm just going to link you directly to each one!
Angel Monster by Veronica Bennet
Confessions of a Fallen Angel by Ronan O'Brien
Dragonskin Slippers by Jessica Day George
The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale
Uninvited by Justine Musk.
Phew! Please contribute a book review via this form. Expect the big changes (and a surprise!) around here tomorrow! Who's excited? I sure as hell am! :D

Not only do we have a mass of book reviews, but we have also interviewed another published author! Lisa Klein agreed to do an interview via e-mail, to read it please click here, I also wrote a book review for her book the other week, check it out.

30th July 2008
Several stories have recently been added to the list! You can check them out here. Or feel free to just browse the list by category by following the navigation buttons to the right. (You can also get to the new stories page that way.)
Also, expect the results from July's Writing Challenge to be posted August 1st! The polls have closed, but you can find entries here! In addition to that, a new feature on the forum is planned for unveiling on 1st August, and the return of the Must Reads (revamped, of course) is planned for that day as well!
Happy Reading!

29th July 2008
Our "Your Say" feature is finally up and running! Every month, there will be a new editorial, either written by a staff member or submitted by members. Check out the August editorial here. If you would like to submit an editorial, even a response to the previous month's editorial, please PM the editorial to xiahzeuni or youaremysunshine.